A Powder Ganger

Wilkins, Powder Ganger/NCR Informant


Wilkins is a former Powder Ganger turned NCR informant after Samuel Cooke and his group of escaped convicts left for Vault 19.

Power Gangers and Prison EscapeEdit

Wilkins was first sent to the NCRCF (NCR Correctional Facility) for chem trafficking. Wilkins was captured while transporting chems to a group of Fiends who were operating out of The Basincreek Building located south of the west pump station and west of the Allied Technologies offices near Camp McCarran. After being brought to the prison, Wilkins became acquainted with Samuel Cooke, another prisoner at the prison. Soon, Cooke began telling Wilkins about his plans to escape from the prison using makeshift weapons and dynamite used for clearing roads. Wilkins participated in the prison break and assisted in taking it over. Samuel Cooke then planned on leaving the prison and finding a new base for his new group The Powder Gangers. Wilkins refused his offer and stayed at the prison. Cooke left soon after.

NCR Informant and AfterEdit

After Cooke's departure from the NCRCF, Wilkins was chosen to lead a group of Powder Gangers into Primm to raid and loot the town. Wilkins was captured while attempting to leave the town by the NCR. Lieutenant Hayes persuaded Wilkins to become an informant for the NCR to spy on the Powder Gangers. A few months later, the NCR attacked and retook the facility with help from the Courier. Wilkins was given some leniency for his assistance. He received a shorter prison sentence and was released three years later. Wilkins left New Vegas and made his way to the Boneyard where he set up a weapons shop occasionally informing for the NCR on criminal activity going on in the NCR capital.