Brotherhood of Steel Movement

Brotherhood Marches out of New Vegas

"Being forced out of the Mojave, may have been the best thing to ever happen to the Brotherhood!"

Elder Schuler, June 15, 2292

By the end of 2281, the NCR had won New Vegas and forced the Legion back across the Colorado River. Now they turned their sights on the smaller factions and moved down the line. Boomers, Followers of Apocalypse, Chairman, Omertas, White Glove Society. They either pledged allegiance to the NCR or left New Vegas permanently. Finally it was down to the Brotherhood of Steel. Rather than siding with the NCR, Elder McNamara decided to lead the Brotherhood out of New Vegas. This would come to be known as the March of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's long trek from New Vegas to Canada. However, in order for the Brotherhood to be allowed safe passage out of New Vegas, Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, Senior Knight Lorenzo, and Head Scribe Taggert would have to be placed under arrest for treason against the NCR and placed in the holding cells at Camp McCarran. Mcnamara agreed and the Brotherhood of Steel marched out of New Vegas. With no Elder, the Brotherhood began to follow Senior Scribe Schuler and Paladin Ramos. Many Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Scribes died during the march and were buried on the sides of roads or unnamed graves. For eight long weeks, the Brotherhood marched and then reached the border to Canada. Their plan was to establish a new chapter and find a base. They reached Calgary and took over the Scotiabank Saddledome as their new headquarters. Wastelanders would pass by the Saddledome and the Brotherhood would bring them inside to be trained as new recruits. The Brotherhood continued to grow and by March of 2282, the Brotherhood had over two hundred members. Senior Scribe Schuler became the new Elder and Paladin Ramos was promoted to Head Paladin of the Brotherhood. Now that they had a sizeable force, patrols were sent to the surrounding areas. Elder Schuler sent Scribes to the Calgary Public Library to bring back any books that were still intact. Over the next few years, the Canada Chapter grew and prospered. Wastelanders began trading with the Brotherhood and even more Wastelanders decided to join them as well. Ten years after arriving in Canada, the Brotherhood of Steel became the largest military force in Canada.