The Bigelow Gang

 The Bigelow Gang has taken up residence in the New Vegas Steel works in New Vegas led by Cyrus Bigelow.

Beginnings of the Bigelow GangEdit

The Bigelow Gang first came to be in the city of New Reno when a group of enforcers for Mr. Bishop decided to break away and start their own gang. When Bishop found out about this, he brought this to attention of New Reno's leading family, the Wrights. Along with some the the Wright's enforcers, Bishop drove the group out of New Reno fearing the group would one day overthrow his own family. The gang headed towards New Vegas hoping to gain a foothold there led by Hans Bigelow, Mr. Bishop's former second-in-command.

New Vegas DaysEdit

After arriving in New Vegas, Hans Bigelow and his gang's first desination was The Strip. Upon arriving, they attempted to takeover the casinos located on The Strip, but their attcks were immediately cut short by Mr. House and his Securitrons. The Bigelow gang retreated back into Freeside where they made an attempt to oust the Kings and the Van Graffs, but soon failed after their attempt to storm the Old Mormon Fort. They were thrown out in to the wastes and sent out of the immediate area. The gang then set their sights on the Crimson Caravan Company and their property near The Strip. They began their attack on the Crimson Caravan and upon hearing about the attacks, the NCR sent in reinforcements. Hans Bigelow was killed during the battle against the NCR. The gang retreated and headed south towards Camp McCarran. Cyrus Bigelow, brother of Hans Bigelow, took over leadership of the gang and steered them clear of any NCR base they came near to. While avoiding the NCR, they found the New Vegas Steel works and set up shop.

Current StatusEdit

The gang is currently still located at the New Vegas Steel works. Rumors say that the gang has aligned themselves with the Fiends in the area now lead by a Fiend named Styxx. Travelers heading to New Vegas have reported  being harrased by members of the gang. The NCR refuses to enter the New Vegas Steel works because of the Fiend presence in the area.